Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone veneer siding made to give the representation of real stone while being substantially lighter and thinner than actual stone. It is made using exact replicas of natural stones casted into flexible molds. In comparison to actual stone Cultured Stone is approximately 1/4 of the weight and  considerably thinner allowing it to adhere to most wall surfaces. 

Because the stones are hand coloured Cultured Stone has been manufactured into a variety of different textures and a wide array of colours; making it an ideal choice for homeowners who the visual appeal of stone while being in complete control of the final look of their home.




Cultured Stone Textures

When considering the Cultured Stone for your home there is ample styles, sizes, colours and finished textures you have to choose from. This allows homeowners to be able to select their personal favourite option, ensuring their unique style is accurately represented in the completed look of their project.




architectural stone trim

Architectural Stone Trim options are the crowning final touch to any Cultured Stone project. It adds defining beauty to the completed project using unique trims to accent the perimeters of doorways and window sills or outside electrical boxes. These trims add refinement to the project as a whole and add aesthetic appeal to any home.