SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane

Commonly known as "Mod Bit", "Torch On" or Torch Down", SBS modified bitumen membrane is a waterproof membrane for roofing. There are many different options depending on roof system required.  Typically, it is a 2 ply system comprising of a base sheet membrane covered by a granulated cap sheet membrane.  Either layer can be heat welded, or adhered, or for base sheet, mechanically fastened is an option.  When compared to the traditional built up roof (BUR) membrane, Mod Bit membrane flexible even at low temperatures, greater elasticity, greater tear resistance, and improved aging characteristics.  For the climate in our market, it is probably the best flat roofing chioce.


Base sheet membrane

The first layer of the membrane portion of the roof system is commonly known as "base sheet".  There are many different product choices for this first layer and will be dependant on the roof system and application whether insulation is required or not.  The base sheet will line the roof including parapet and exterior walls, if any.  Attention to the base sheet installation will allow will ensure add years to a roof being the foundational layer.


cap sheet membrane

The top layer of the membrane portion of the roof system is commonly known as "cap sheet".  It has a granulated surface to protect the membrane from UV deterioration. The type of cap sheet will be dependant on the type of base sheet used.  Manufacturer's make certain systems differently so they work together as an effective unit.  Cap sheet is installed in a manner to lap over seams of the base sheet  whether heat welded or adhered to have the layers work as one membrane.  Properly installed cap sheet will increase the longevity of the roof.  Delaying the needs for future repairs.



Like any other roof, flat roofs need the water to go somewhere.  Depending on the design of the roof, the water may shed or directed to drainage points.  A certain amount of ponding is acceptable, but it is always best to have a minimum standing water for any extended period of time.  When reroofing, mod bit membrane will reveal any low spots that have been hidden in the gravel of a BUR membrane. A slope insulation package will ensure minimal pooling.


Roof protrusions

Any mechanical, electrical, and plumbing vents coming through the roof membrane must sealed properly.  These are usually the first areas to fail whether from age or poor roofing practices. Chateau Roofing & Siding uses the newest innovative methods when ensuring the integrity of the whole roof system is done properly where the roof system is most vulnerable.


Maintenance program

It is unlikely any issue will arise after the roof has been completed.  At Chateau Roofing & Siding, we will provide a workmanship warranty on new roof systems that will protect you from any errors in the application of the roofing system.  After this period of time, a regular inspection is highly recommended to insure that the roof is remaining functional and any issues are not arising for whatever reason.  Please ask about what kind of program will suit your needs.